5 Stylish Christmas Dinner Must-Haves

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5 Stylish Christmas Dinner Must-Haves

The Holiday season is finally upon us and whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all affected by the holiday spirit. Some of us are true Christmas lovers; we enjoy the spirit of giving (and also receiving presents), love shopping for presents, decorating our homes, whistling Christmas tunes – you know the drill. Others may want to pretend they’re the Grinch, but deep inside you know, as soon as you see all the holiday’s staple shades – red, green, gold, silver, your heart silently smiles, and you know – the Christmas spirit has crept in. Regardless of what ‘group’ you belong to, when it comes to this glorious holiday, attention must be paid. To do it justice, there are at least five things every home simply must have so it truly feels like Christmas as soon as you walk in the door.

The flowers, clearly

There’s no denying that the number one Christmas staple are, without a doubt, Christmas flowers. You can always take the traditional route and opt for classic red ones, but if you’re in the mood for something even more elegant (and none less Christmas-y), you will definitely consider going with a more neutral palette. White roses, hydrangeas and rustic greenery will certainly help achieve the elegant twist you’ve been craving, so perhaps even the sworn lovers of red will change their minds when they see how gorgeous and upscale a neutral Christmas palette can be.

The accompanying décor


Now, as wonderful as a neutral palette is, we all know that there is no true Christmas without a touch of red. So, keep the surrounding flower arrangements neutral, but for the centerpiece, you definitely want to go with something absolutely traditional, such as a gorgeous Holly Days Christmas arrangement that of course, features red roses, and a mistletoe decorated vase or bowl, along with the mandatory red candles. While on the subject of these, there are very few décor elements that say ‘Christmas’ as well as a candlelit room. Red candles are the obvious (therefore the right) choice, so make sure there is a plethora of these in your living and dining room for that elegant and holy feeling. Keep the tablecloth in a warm and unobtrusive champagne hue, and the plates elegant, white with strategic gold infusions.   

The focal point

There can absolutely be no Christmas without a perfect Christmas tree. If you’re following a neutral color palette with a splash of festive red, make sure the tree doesn’t stand out in a bad way. Gentle golden ribbons are incredibly sophisticated, along with ornaments in the same shade. Red, of course, goes wonderfully with gold, but make sure you don’t go over the top with the number of red ornaments as it can take a turn to tacky. If the combination of two shades isn’t festive enough for your taste, you can always include icy white ornaments with plenty of glitter.

The drinks

In order to awaken and maintain the Christmas spirit, you don’t only need great food, but also a great wine selection. Some families consider eggnog the staple drink, but we believe wine is just as important. Make sure you always have a great selection, so aside from red, surprise your guest with amazing amber wine; after all, you need variety in order to cater to everyone’s wine preference. Of course, make sure you have plenty of it, because even if a few bottles go unopened, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner.

Food, glorious food!

The traditional ones will always opt for turkey, but if you’re not a stickler for rules, there are delicious alternatives give a try, so if you feel like experimenting, dive right in. For instance, marmalade glazed roast duck is no less Christmas-y than the turkey. For certain taste buds it may be even more appealing, not to mention that the preparation time is far shorter. Also, don’t forget about the gravy, there are incredible recipes that are just waiting for you to give them a try. We haven’t forgotten about vegans either. The mushroom and chestnut rotolo are so delicious that just reading the recipe will make your mouth water, and make sure to complete the meal with a vegan Christmas wreath.

We are thankful to Peter Minkoff of Pridezillas Magazine for his insight and advice on how to throw a great party.
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