How to Send Flowers for Mothers Day

Posted by Hana K on

In this day of e-cards, electronic bouquets (really they're only pictures of flowers – how is that special?), and mass-marketed bouquets, it seems like a good idea to provide instructions on how to send flowers for Mothers Day.

  1. Consider early delivery. On Valentine's Day, our customers love receiving their bouquets at work for all to see. If your mom spends her days at a desk, you can make her the envy of all the other moms by sending her a gorgeous bouquet on the Friday before Mother's Day. We've even got balloons to make sure everybody sees what a grateful child you are.
  2. Ask a few questions. Find out what your mother's favorite colors or flowers are. Your dad probably knows, or ask the child who always seems to know what mom wants. We can use that information to build a bouquet that's sure to please. Your sibling might try to take credit for suggesting the color of the bouquet, but you're the one who bought it, so there.
  3. Include some words. Your bouquet comes with a card, so write a brief sentiment from your heart. Your mom is the reason you exist, and your birthday is a shared holiday. Why not make Mother's Day a shared holiday too? It's a celebration of the fact that you and your mother still have each other to talk to, whether you talk every day or only every once in a while.
  4. Come on in! We've got a website, but the process of picking and choosing in person is so much more satisfying. You can select a bouquet by color (think pastels, brights, or warm colors) or flower type (exotics versus tulips versus daisies). You can also choose among our assortment of vases and accent your creation with a wide selection of ribbons. We're located between Katy and downtown Houston on Westheimer Road.
  5. Order in advance. After Valentine's Day, Mother's Day is our biggest holiday. Good delivery spots get booked in advance