The Perfect Gifts for Administrative Assistants Day

Posted by Mika A on

Gatekeepers, business ambassadors, corporate caretakers, partners in business - these are just a few of the ways Administrative Assistants have been described. It's the new "power job", and it takes a special person to be good at it - they need to have a wide skill set, be extremely organized and available almost around the clock. They keep things in control, manage projects and deal with difficult situations so their bosses can focus on other things. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Administrative Assistants Day is the perfect way to acknowledge your Administrative Assistant, and there are lots of ways to show your appreciation.

Flowers or a potted plant are always a great choice. They brighten and add color to your AA's office space while showing that you never take them for granted, something they won't forget. Choose their favorite flowers or a beautiful floral mixture in a special vase; send a living orchid plant, a dish garden or a garden basket for something that will keep your considerate gesture around for a long time.

A thoughtful gift basket or tower featuring the things you know your AA loves best - chocolate, fruits, coffees, cheese and crackers or a custom mix - tells them you pay as much attention to their preferences as they do to yours.

A spa day gives your AA some much-needed relaxation time and allows them to come back to work refreshed and re-energized. 

Contact us for that perfect cut flower arrangement or potted plant you know your Administrative Assistant will love. We'll be happy to create something perfectly suited to their taste.